World History 09 Honors
EWHS Credit: 0.5
Office Location: F-200 (3rd seat back on the right as you enter)   

Description of the Course:

This course is a semester long introductory course to historical study. Along with learning historical concepts, students will work on skills necessary for success on the International Baccalaureate exam and IB extended essay.

Essential Questions and/or Learning Targets

Assessment and Homework

Students will be evaluated through a variety of projects (group research projects and presentations); activities (trials, debates, simulations, and seminar discussions); thinking assignments; papers; and tests. Homework is critical to learning, course outcomes, and assessments.  Students should expect homework each night.

Grading and Final Exams

  B+ 89% - 88% C+ 79% - 78% D+ 69% - 68%
A 100% - 93% B 87% - 83% C 77% - 73% D 67% - 60%
A- 92% - 90% B- 82% - 80% C- 72% - 70% F Below 60%

Final grades will be a compilation of the following criteria:

Late Work/Make-Up Policy

Late work may be accepted at half the value of earned points. Late work will only be accepted in the grading term in which it is assigned and must be submitted at least one week prior to the end of the term or semester. Work not completed with the first bell for class may be considered late. Being even a few seconds late may result in late point deductions Hint: Be in your seat when the bell rings with any homework completed.

Students must schedule make-up quizzes and exams the day they return from an excused absence. It is each student's responsibility to schedule a time to make-up the quiz or exam. If the exam is not completed within 5 school days following an excused absence, a score of zero will be entered and they student may not make up the quiz or exam. Missed quizzes and exams resulting from unexcused absences will be scored as zero.

Academic Honesty

Students are expected to do their own work. The EWHS definition of academic dishonesty includes, but is not limited to all forms of cheating, plagiarism and fabrication, including submitting any work product that the student misrepresents as his or her work product for the purpose of fulfilling any assignments or task required as part of the student’s course of studies. Having any electronic device out while an exam is taking place, without specific permission from the instructor will be considered a violation of the academic honesty policy.

A first offense will result in: contacting a guardian; the loss of credit for plagiarized work; and a referral to the Dean of Students with the offense logged in the student discipline file.

All other offences will result in an administrative conference with a student guardian and additionally, a student may receive detention or no more than 10 days suspension. Plagiarized work may not be resubmitted.


All school wide attendance policies apply. Being late to class is counted as an absence by both district and school wide policy. You MUST be in your seat when the bell rings or you will be counted late. If you are 10 or more minutes late and do not have a valid excuse from the school, you will be counted as absent.

Common School Expectations

Students are expected to follow all school rules which are stated in the EWHS student planner and online at our school website.

Classroom Rules

We are here to learn. Behavior and actions that distract from the learning of any student are not acceptable in this class. It is necessary to demonstrate respect for other students, teachers, the classroom space, and yourself. If we all demonstrate this respect for each other and our classroom, disruptions disappear.

Backpacks, bags and purses must be kept on the floor and under your desk. Sunglasses, as well as food will not be allowed in the classroom. Headphones, electronic music players, and mobile phones are to be kept in your bag. Any other toys, games, or devicesthat distract in the room is also subject to confiscation. Confiscated items will be returned per electronics policy unless the item is not allowed in school.